week four

4.9.05 - 4.12.05

draw at random, from a fez the concept that you must direct and shoot within the next 48 hours

6 (six)

Baltimore - Baltimore
Philadelphia - Philadelphia

It was April 9th. The 48 Hour Film Contest came to Philly. They were drawing teams at random to participate. Unfortunately, we were not random enough (maybe too random, if you happen to be in a sorority). It was decided that we should continue as normal and produce a short movie during the weekend. The only problem was, it was way too difficult to do without being relegated to a certain topic with a character included. So when Saturday night was approaching and we didn't have a clue what to do, Sutter suggested that we all write concepts on paper and throw them in to the fez and draw at random.

One more thing: we each drew one which we wrote around and shot before the weekend was over with the intention of combining them into one final product. The result is awe-inspring. I mean, totally confusing.


Sevenday Movie Project
Philly and Baltimore