week two

1.16.05 - 1.23.05

some one must be wearing gloves, the sound of liquid, an exclamation of pain

Avant le Duel

Kavalia Saupin - Kara Webb
Mortimer Kline - Joel Haddock

Dueling is a deadly art. Or is it a deadly game? For some people, the deadly science of dueling is both. Before the muskets crack or the steel clashes comes the harshest blow of all: the infamous glove slap. With gritty determination, Kavalia Saupin hunts down Mortimer Kline, seeking vengence for an unknown trespass. When she falls upon the unsuspecting Kline, will her fateful challenge be delivered? Will glove-leather crack against face-flesh? The call of the duel must be answered...


Sevenday Movie Project
Philly and Baltimore